The Kott Koatings Story

  • Kott Koatings invented the resurfacing industry known as ‘Porcelain Reglazing’.
  • Kott Koatings developed the K40 glaze. This is the product used to resurface almost all surfaces in your bathroom and Kitchen.
  • K40 glaze is commonly referred to as the ‘SAFE GLAZE’. It is the only resurfacing product of its type to be found both safe and non-toxic. The Toxicological Laboratory Contox found: ‘The Kott Koatings K40 glazes were found to be safe and non-toxic for food preparation surfaces’.
  • Kott Koatings have established themselves as the World Leader in Resurfacing. They have expanded to over 52 countries with over 500 agents.
  • Kott Koatings has over 50 years experience in the industry.
  • Vortex is a portable spray system that applies a coating of high-build, high-impact polyurethane-polurea.
  • Vortex is a twin component product that dries in seconds to produce the ultimate surface for waterproofing and protection.

Kott Koatings in New Zealand

Kott Koatings have been operating through agents in New Zealand successfully since 1996. Throughout this period thousands of fixtures have been resurfaced. Two notable jobs completed recently by TRS using the Kott Koatings system are:

  1. 80+baths and over 300m2 of wall panelling resurfaced at the St George Hotel in Wellington
  2. Over 100 baths resurfaced with an anti-slip application ‘Safety Tred II’, Hotel Intercontinental, Wellington.